GoasHax is a small eSports association based in Austria. But we are also proud to support other countries like Algeria. eSports technically we are currently playing CS:GO & Valorant.


Hatzendorf 266 8361 Fehring , Austria.

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+43 660 7398844

Rewind 2023

We want to thank you for a successful year 2023.
A quick glimpse into 2023.

Ripper.at and .quetschi went to the Olympus Finals in Algeria to support the Algerian team at the beginning of 2023.

.quetschi was general at the last CS:GO Major.

jAlex has now expanded its https://esportfire.com/ homepage and it is even more successful.

The end of CS:GO (unfortunately), with the beginning of Counter-Strike 2.

GoasnCamp with all members.

VulkanLan came with a team in 4th-5th place.

Streamer addition with “Feichti” and “Traischichtplatte”.

We as an organization or as a club would like to thank everyone, especially the streamers who always take their time and also the teams who tried again and again to play along and make Goashax successful.

Also a special thank you to “InnerCut” for the great help from Algeria, be it designs or communications between the teams and the organization.

Little facts on twitch:
Total streams: 206
Top Viewers: 19
Top Emotes: GoasHaxLove (205), GoasHax Hype (119)
New Followers: 73
New Subs: 57
Gifted Subs: 51
#GoGoasHax #GoGoasn #GoGHax

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