GoasHax is a small eSports association based in Austria. But we are also proud to support other countries like Algeria. eSports technically we are currently playing CS:GO & Valorant.


Hatzendorf 266 8361 Fehring , Austria.

Get In Touch

+43 660 7398844

Join us


  • Friendly team
  • A small community
  • TeamSpeak 3 Move rights and own channel
  • Discord Channel (Text&Speak) + Move rights
  • Game server rights (for every server we own)
  • The help with game server creation
  • Every streamer will be tried to help (settings Ect.)
  • Discount for the in-house tournaments and LAN events

What is done with the membership fee?

  • Server costs are paid with it (if there are enough there will be a root server).
  • Premium will be paid for the main teams.
  • Various orders for the organization will be co-financed.
  • Possible prize money will be paid with it.

How do I become a member?

For simplicity we have created a Google Form page.
You only need to fill it out.
Here is the Link, so click me!

The membership fee is to be paid once a year.
Basically this would be done at the own LAN party.
But there is the possibility to transfer the money or to pay via PayPal.
For further information please contact Manfred “Ripper.at” L. or Gernot “.quetschi” F. via teamspeak, discord or steam.

How do I get into TeamSpeak or Discord?