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POSTED BY August 5, 2020 in GoasHax
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Hello my Scav Hunters and Sharpshooters with the Mosin.

Did u ever felt like,why is there no Admin on the Vanilla Official Servers who can ban these anyoing cheaters.
Well we have a Solution for dat.

A new 50 Size Vanilla Server with atleast 3 active Admins and if prefer from the People online with small events like Hide&Seak

Double Drop Rate on Friday 19:00-22:00 (Time can changes if community wants to).If we grow bigger and get close to the 50 man cap we plan on making a discord server for events,lfg,just chatting,ban news(who got banned and why).

Also if new Players come on the server and have some questions just ask for the Admins (BiocoreAT,GGMason,
If dat sounds intresting for you then give our server a chance we would be rly happy to see you.

Server Started 05.08.2020
Our Server IP:
Our Server Name: Like Official Server [Active Admins] -powered by

Who are we?
We are GoasHax, a small community from Austria.

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