Our first Valorant Team?!

We were looking for the right lineup for a long time, unfortunately we were abandoned many times.
But this time we have a new team at our side, from our former youngstar from algeria who has at that time still cs:go grindet has now become the captain of our Algerian Valorant team.


We are proud to welcome our first real Valorant lineup.

Khaled “Asta” (Cpt.) @Asta_val
Moh “LMOH1337” @LMOH05
Djalil “Glowen” @Glowyy4
Ilyres “FLV” @FLV_1337
Mohammed “GRANNX” @grannx11
Ayoub “Fox” @NoisyEz

Plans are already underway to join “ESWC Algérie – Djezzy – Q2”.

We say welcome and good cooperation!

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